A few GKTECH Products for Nissan

Today, I received a few products from Australian Nissan enthusiast company gktech.com.au in the mail for the current prjkt A31 Laurel Altima (export LHD model of the JDM A31 Cefiro). I ordered these a few weeks ago.

I’ve removed them from their packaging to show you.

GKTECH blue tinted door mirrors
GKTECH blue tinted door mirrors
GKTECH 10mm axle spacers
GKTECH 10mm axle spacers
GKTECH aluminum black anodized subframe spacer kit
GKTECH aluminum black anodized slip-in collar kit
GKTECH Transmission spring set and shifter bushing
GKTECH Transmission spring set and shifter bushing

All together I spent approximately $278 USD ($367 AUD) for everything to include shipping.


I’ll be using the 10mm axle spacers for my 180SX half axles. The reason I am using them is to reduce the “stretch” in distance from the differential to ensure no breakage in the axles at the CV joint from going lower than factory ride height. This spacer mounts between the output shaft flange of the differential and the input side of the CV joint. It “pushes” the axle shaft back together at the CV joint and significantly reduces the binding and breaking of the axle itself. For less than $75 USD, it is cheap insurance to minimize the chance of axle breakage which can happen with lowered vehicles.

GKTECH aluminum black anodized subframe spacer kit

The aluminum anodized rear slip-in subframe collar kit is essential in reducing rear subframe axle tramp and firms up the feel of the rear assembly. Collar kits have been around for at least 15 years in Japan. Many people have their own methods of installing these. I will show you my method later when I install these.

GKTECH Transmission spring set and shifter bushing

The SR20DET manual transmission sees a lot of abuse, and when compared to other transmissions out there, like the RB25DET, VG30DETT and VQ35DE (Z33 350Z), it is not the strongest. If you are not chasing high HP, you will be fine with the stock transmission. 400WHP with a stock SR20DET transmission has been documented. My transmission is 23 years old, and can use a bit of tightening up. I’ve replaced my transmission crossmember mount with a fresh OE one since the original one was broke in half. That made quite a bit of difference in making sure the shifts were going into their proper gear, but I wanted to make the shift feel a bit more firm and ensure the shifter returned to its center position faster than normal. The GKTECH transmission spring kit does just that. Another thing that should be replaced is the nylon shifter bushing at the end of the shifter. Again, 23 years and abuse of the transmission has worn out the bushing, so I turned to GKTECH again for their aluminum bronze replacement bushing. It will give your shifter a more firmer feel.


Last but not least are the GKTECH door mirrors that I picked up. These pieces are originally designed for the 180SX/Silvia and their baseplates will need to be modified to fit the A31. Why choose these over the factory-installed door mirrors? Actually, to be different. I originally searched for Ganador A31 door mirrors in Japan, but they are no longer being made. The GKTECH versions are duplicates of the Ganador type with the exception of they are not electrical. That’s fine, and these will work since my driver’s door mirror is worn out. For $90 USD, the price can’t be beat. They are not only functional, but they are beautiful pieces that do “flow” with the A31.

If you want more information or to see what other goods GKTECH has, look at their site here. For my $278 USD spent, I think I did pretty good.

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