Japanese Tuner Bee*R Technical Instructions in English

prjktMAYHEM isn’t just about building and documenting cars, we’re also involved with translation of Japanese documents into English. I have been working with Bee*R and other Japanese private tuner shops in developing English literature for some of the products being offered. William Porter’s Japan-based company Tuned Japan has provided prjktMAYHEM with the bulk of this work to be done.

prjktMAYHEM will never provide to our audience technical instructions unless we know how they work, and only when we know that they are proven products. To clarify our stance on what we do- we do not work with counterfeit products for a few reasons- no backing from the inventor/producer of the item, we have no idea what is inside the counterfeit item, they are dangerous (especially electronics) and pose a threat to a vehicle, the owner, the passengers and to others.

The following pdf files are here with the express permission of Bee*R and Bee*R’s authorized agent Tuned Japan.


Bee-R Revlamp Fitting Guide English


Bee-R Rev Limiter Fitting Guide English

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