prjkt 240SX Mayhem Coupe “Blanche”

Running parallel to the build for prjkt 240SX Mayhem, we have another 240SX that will be getting the business. This is BOBBYMAYHEM’s 1990 240SX coupe that he acquired for the princely sum of $800 from a mutual friend, and it is appropriately christened prjkt 240SX Mayhem Coupe “Blanche”. This is a recent acquisition, and currently BOBBYMAYHEM is busy putting together the plan of taking it from its current OE state to “a jaw-dropping, show-winning street sweeper”. He is sticking to a pure Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) program with a list of parts that will be used. We will be getting away from the Onevia (1-via) North American 240SX factory exterior and going with JDM (P)S-13 Silvia theme. Why not just call it a Silvia? Again, as I stated in a previous post, there were no (R)(P)S-13 180SX or Silvia released to the North American market. One just needs to look at 240SX VIN alphanumerics for the proof. This is a 240SX going with a (P)S-13 Silvia theme. Will it stay LHD? That’s up to the owner. What I do know is that a blacktop SR20DET with manual transmission is going to be replacing the KA24E from a full swap that was bought back in January. Additionally, the beauty will be in the details with all operable amenities.

Stay tuned for the updates, because we will actually be putting together a complete, comprehensive guide to converting this 240SX over to the Silvia style.

9/2/2015- “Blanche” just acquired these wheels last night. Volk EVO III



Blanche is alive and well. Like any golden girl, she has seen some miles. She is solid though, and aside from some faded paint and a nick or too, she’s a perfect candidate for this transformation. Kenji and I have plans to take her to the top, and we are going to teach you guys every trick known to man with the S13 chassis. Kenji and I both go back to the days when this car was a new idea from Nissan, and have learned many ways to turn these cars into something special. Keep a watch for detailed and comprehensive updates. Bobby;)


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