Japanese Tuner Yashio Factory Product Description English

One of prjktMAYHEM’s favorites to work with is Yashio Factory. We have had the pleasure of doing English product descriptions for two of YF’s products-

Okachan Water Temp Meter V2


Okachan Tenka Harness



The Okachan Water Temp Meter V2 is a plug-n-play accessory for Nissan with an active consult port in Japan. It allows the user to monitor 19 different channels of real time data, as well as set warning parameters. The following can be displayed: RPM, vehicle speed, water temperature, battery voltage, throttle voltage, airflow voltage 1-airflow voltage 2, ignition timing, injector 1 injector 2, ACC valve, O2 sensor voltage 1 O2 sensor voltage 2, A / F correction 1 A / F correction 2, intake air temperature, neutral switch, power steering switch and air conditioning switch. We are currently working to see what other vehicle platforms this very useful item will work with.


The Okachan Tenka Harness is a beefy upgrade over the Nissan OE coil pack harness for (R)(P)S-13 180SX/Silvia, S14 Silvia and S15 Silvia with SR20DET. Under normal operating parameters, the stock unit works as advertised, but whenever owners of the SR20DET start doing power adders and pushing the engine platform well into higher HP settings, there is a tendency for misfire, breakup and spark blow-out. This is more likely to happen with 20-plus year old coil pack harnesses.

Yashio Factory Okachan Water Temp Meter V2 and Tenka Harness can be purchased from Tuned Japan who is an authorized agent for Yashio Factory products. Please direct all inquiries to boss@tunedjapan.com.


i just recently bought a yahoo factory temp gauge. version 1 nissan consult plug. my question is when i hook up the gauge to the consult port the temp gauge only reads 1. i have a 91 nissan 240sx coupe with sr conversion , 62 ecu .


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