It’s not all about Japanese cars…

Yes, there’s no mistake that we are doing Japanese cars here, but to set the course straight, we are not going to do just Japanese cars nor Japanese tech research and product testing because we each come from a wide and varied background. I started off in American Muscle, was into the 80s Euro scene in the USA, jumped into the lifted 4×4 community and then the Japanese car scene in the 90s. Since then, I messed around with street bikes, got out of the car scene completely and then back into it just a few years ago. Bobby is a American Muscle, Euro sport bike and Japanese car guy. Jonathon is a 4×4 and Japanese car guy. OK OK OK! So it looks like we have more Japanese car experience than was expected, but prjktMAYHEM isn’t just about what we like. We will push the envelope and see where this takes us. There’s no plan to take over any scene because we simply do not fit completely in just one or two scenes. Going with the motto “thriving in a world of mass-produced junk” means just that… we’re surrounded by more junk in the car, truck and bike scenes and really don’t want to be. We want to thrive, and to do that we have to be imaginative and not take ourselves too seriously. I can’t even pull off serious.

Just a note about the current scenes… we’re working with dinosaurs! Yes! 90s Japanese cars are cool and it was a highlight of my life to have been there with the guys and the cars as they were brand new. But… it’s like reaching back into the vault and trying to capture what it was like. I can honestly tell you that what we have done in the Japanese car community since 2005 is waaaaaaaaaaaay better than what we had in the 90s. New technology has allowed us to do what was unheard of or thought possible and apply it to these dinosaurs, but there’s a lot of cool cars and other vehicles that are being made today that I really think we should be jumping on. I’m not going to wait 10 years or more to “discover” a car or some other vehicle that is being produced now. Let’s mix it up.

We’re just going to make it a point to be different, but we’re going to have fun and not get stuck in the superfluous bullshit that we face everyday in our lives. It’s hard enough to just maintain, and prjktMAYHEM is our outlet to let off the steam and do what we want.

We hope that you join us on this adventure. I guarantee nothing, but I will guarantee that you won’t get bored.


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