New Wheels for “Blanche”

Bobby’s 1990 240SX coupe, named “Blanche” was featured earlier, and as I mentioned, Bobby’s plan is to transform Blanche from her current state, which is 99% OE North America into an era-specific 240SX that pays homage to its Japan counterpart the Silvia (P)S-13. To not cheat out or cheap out, our mindset and goal is to use all genuine Japanese tuner parts and Nissan OE for the (P)S-13. The first purchase made are a set of used Volk EVO III wheels that measure 18×8.5j and 18×9.5j 4/5×114.3 pcd.


These wheels were acquired through a private sale at a very good price. The drawback to this excellent purchase is that the center caps are missing.


VR Wheels gave us a quote of $450 for complete set. We are on the quest for a set of 4 complete “waffles” (the base of the center cap reminds people of waffles). Currently, Bobby has already contacted VR Wheels with regards to 4-inch outer barrels, since his plan is to go super wide in the rear like prjkt 240SX MAYHEM and sport the Origin Labo Instant Gentleman kit. The front fenders will be pulled and/or offset to compliment the rear.11954566_10200897577318022_5319008261593265013_nFB_IMG_1437922848872

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