Nissan ECUs- CA, SR, KA, RB, VG *** Updated

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Hey! I just updated/expanded into the RB and VG series ECUs.

If you have something I do not have, send it to me and I can put it up.

CA18DE(T) (88-90) (R)S-13 Silvia/180SX/200SX (EU):

Silvia CA18DE 64 (MT), Silvia CA18DE 65 (AT), 200SX CA18DET 70 (EU), 180SX CA18DET 78 (MT), 180SX CA18DET 79 (AT), Silvia CA18DET 98 (MT), Silvia Silvia 99 (AT)

CA18DET ECU Silvia 180SX 5MT

CA18DET S13 ECU pin-out

KA24E (89-90) 240SX:

10 (FED MT), 11 (FED AT), 14 (CA MT), 15 (CA AT)


1989-1990 KA24E 240SX ECU pin-out

SR20DE(T) Red Top/Silver Top/Black Top (R)PS-13 Silvia/180SX:

Silvia SR20DE 61 (91-93 Red Top AT)/ Silvia SR20DET 62 (91-93 Red Top MT)/ Silvia SR20DET 63 (91-93 AT)/ 180SX SR20DE J2 (94-95 Silver Top AT)/ 180SX SR20DE J3 (94-95 Silver Top AT)/ 180SX SR20DET E5 (94-96 Black Top MT), E6 (94-95 Black Top AT)/180SX SR20DET Type-X J4 (96-98 Black Top MT)/ 180SX SR20DET Type-X J5 (96-98 Black Top MT)


91-96 SR20DET Silvia 180SX red top black top ECU pin-out

KA24DE (91-94) 240SX :

24 (FED MT), 25 (FED AT), 28 (FED MT), 29 (CA AT), 30 (CA MT), PW (?)

KA24DE 91-94 MT ECU


SR20DE(T) VTC Black Top/Silver Top S14/S14a Silvia:

SR20DE WA (94-96 AT)/ SR20DE WB (94-96 MT)/ SR20DET WC (94-96 MT)/ SR20DET WE (94-96 AT)/ SR20DET NA (97-98 MT)/ SR20DET J7 (97-98 AT)


SR20DE-T Zenki Silvia/200SX

S14 Zenki SR20DET JDM


s14a ecu pinouts UK 200SX


SR20DE(T) VTC S15 Silvia/200SX (Australia/NZ)


KA24DE (97-98) 240SX:

97-98 kouki 240sx

95-98 240SX ECU pin-out

Zenki 95 240SX S14 HT (MT; mfg before 10/94; OBDI)/ Zenki 95 240sx SE HU (AT; mfg before 10/94; OBDI)/ Zenki 95 240sx 3C (MT; mfg after 9/94 OBDII)/ Zenki 95 240sx 3D (AT; mfg after 9/94; OBDII)/ Zenki 96 240sx SE 3T (MT; OBDII)/ Zenki 96 240sx CB (AT; OBDII)/ Kouki 97-98 240sx NF (AT; OBDII)/ Kouki 97-98 240sx SE J7 (AT; OBDII)/ Kouki 97-98 240sx WM (MT; OBDII)

RB20DET (89-94) R32, A31, C33 series

RB20DET ECU Pinout

RB25DET R33 Series 1 (93-95); Series 2 (95-98)


RB25DET NEO R34 (98-02)

RB26DETT R32, R33, R34 Series (89-02) *** Check your FSM for specific wiring, but this is the general pinout for the RB26DETT series ECU

RB26DETT ECU pin-out

VG30DE/TT Z32 Series (90-96)


If you want to get the part numbers for your SR20DE(T) ECUs, then check here:


Other Nissan ECU part numbers for chassis like A31, C33, C34, R32, R33, etc are located here:

Other Nissan ECU Indentification


I am after a pinout for 1992 primera ecu 23710 53j12


Hey Robert, I apologize for the really late response to this. I hope you actually found the pinout. I am starting to add to the blog again, and I will be incorporating ECUs for FF-style Nissan engines. It’ll take some time because this blog is only when I can devote to it.


Hi, i’m trying to find pin out or wiring diagram for s13 auto transmission, can you guys help?


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