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Perpetually TONNKA or simply TONNKA is Larry Cheng in Malacca, Malaysia. Larry is an artist whose craft involves designing and fabricating race and race-inspired works for Nissan, Mitsubishi, Proton (Malaysian car maker), Subaru, Mazda, KIA and Toyota, amongst most cars.

In TONNKA’s own words from their home page:

“ARC Engineerings & Trading is an engine modification company that provides premium source for true competition racing header, intake manifold, exhaust manifold & turbo manifold. Our company custom makes every kind of manifolds. Our product name is TONNKA. At the moment we sponsor a number of top drifters in Malaysia, they are Tengku Djan (Head of R3), Ivan Lau & Tan Tak Wei, and other drifter and drag racers, their feedbacks are very positive.

Our company uses the finest materials in producing our manifolds. We are supported by our experienced employees and expertise in this industry in order to produce a second to none manifold in this competitive industry. We specialize in custom made exhaust manifolds, and we can solely tailor make them to fit your engine and help your engine reach its top efficiency.

As you know, in automotive engineering, an intake manifold is the part of an engine that supplies the fuel/air mixture to the cylinders. An exhaust manifold or header collects the exhaust gases from multiple cylinders into one pipe. Both of them play an important role in order to boost your car performance.

Additionally, the design and orientation of the intake manifold is a major factor in the volumetric efficiency of an engine. For that reason, with our experienced and skilled employees, we can provide the most excellent design order for an engine to reach its top efficiency.

Finally, our vision is to be a preferred integrated solution and service provider in the fully custom made manifold industry.

Let’s move with us….”

prjktMAYHEM intends to showcase TONNKA products, as well as use them.

If you desire to know more about TONNKA products and/or purchase, you can reach them at Like them on Facebook at Perpetually TONNKA.

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