Update! prjkt A31 Laurel Altima- TiAL QR 50mm Recirculating BOV

I never ever intended to keep the cheap Chinese copy of the Greddy Type S Recirculating BOV that came with my SR20DET intercooler piping kit. It just came with it whether I liked it or not. I ended up using it just for stationary testing purposes, and guess what… the POS died. No worry, since I had already planned to replace it.


What’s the big deal, anyway? For one, these cheaply made, non-quality controlled knock-offs of the real deal cause more harm than good. Fake Blow Off Valves with excessive boost leakage can affect idle, fuel economy, turbo response, and efficiency. When used with a boost controller, it can also easily over spin the turbo leading to catastrophic turbocharger damage and oil leak. But I bought a non-name piping kit? Yeah… so? Piping kits, like intercoolers are stationary. I could have easily bought piping and had it made, as well as intercooler end caps and core, but why do that if you have a solid product? Trust me… no name piping, but using good quality couplers and clamps is the way to go.

Ok… so what did I buy to replace the fake GReddy Type S? I bough the TiAL QR 50mm Recirculating BOV. Proudly made in the USA and with engineering and quality control to match.

This baby here…


A purple TiAL QR 50mm Recirculating BOV for the A31.

Why a recirculating BOV? It’s to keep with the OE SR20DET system, as well as to not attract negative attention, but more so on the OE side since everything is stock to include the ECU. In the OE configuration, the SR20DET has a recirculating BOV system.

Well, the TiAL Recirculating BOV arrived and has been mounted in place of the Chinese-copy of the GReddy.

Definitely a far superior product, and I don’t know if it is just me, but it seems like the engine likes this one more than the Chinese one, well at least I do.


Hi, nice setup!
I plan to get a Tial QR for my SR20 but I’ve seen that there is a lot of different opinions about the spring. which one is yours ? / which pressure are you running ?
Thank you very much for the advices.


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