prjkt 240SX Mayhem Coupe “Blanche” Is Up and Running

After getting prjkt EVO VIII MAYHEM back into fighting shape, I headed down to Birmingham, Alabama to get up with Bobby Mayhem to assist in getting the swap he had performed previously to my arrival in the USA. Before even attempting to start the car, we finished up some wiring for the e-fan, installed a Walbro 255l/hr fuel pump and the Forge Manual Boost Controller (MBC). This item was previously in prjkt EVO VIII MAYHEM. There were issues of fuel, spark and timing. We went through each step and the culprit was with the spark plugs. This could happen to anybody because it was assumed they were good after the engine was pulled from a known operable 240SX outside New Orleans, Louisiana. Regardless, we went to the local NAPA parts store in Alexander City, Alabama and bought BKR8ES copper plugs, gapped them to 30 and installed them. Voila! Blanche fired right up.

After we completed the start evolution, we installed a Bosch boost guage, an aftermarket steering wheel and hub adapter and finished up servicing the radiator. The radiator had a small leak. Without having a spare SR20DET radiator, we pumped in some radiator leak repair. This stopped the leak and is just temporary as we are looking to buy an aftermarket 2-row aluminum for Blanche.

Some items that were added after I left to return to Virginia are a cluster of gauges- voltmeter, oil pressure and water temp meter.

Bobby did receive these for his VOLK EVO III wheels…


Currently, Blanche has some of our spare tires and wheels on while the EVO III wheels get redone.


Apparently, Bobby did a front end suspension/steering refresh this past weekend, too.

We’re not stopping here, by any means, for there is a lot of work needed with suspension and other suspension tuning items and some body modifications to give Blanche a low, wide and aggressive stance.

Stay tuned!

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