prjkt 240SX MAYHEM Wiring Upgrade Plan


When I was back home in the USA, I had the chance to stop by Chase Bays in Birmingham, Alabama and get a tour of their work shop by the man himself, Mr. Chase McMaster. Previous to this visit, I had only had the pleasure of seeing their work via the business site Up to this point, the only item I am currently using is their clutch line for LHD S13 in prjkt A31 Laurel Altima. What you see when you are there is a very simple, spartan work shop with bins, loom hangers and a long work table. Everything they do is by hand. There is no rushing, no mass production because quality control is paramount to their business mantra. I was nothing short of impressed, and it is a work ethic I can truly appreciate.

When I saw the wiring that was in prjkt 240SX MAYHEM, I was really disappointed. Yes, it was tucked, but it was compromised, especially the factory engine bay harness. “Tucked” to the original builder meant taking all of the engine chassis harness, to include the relay and relay/fuse boxes, and shove it all under the dash and held in place by zip ties instead of shortening the harness. Needless to say, the car had some serious electrical gremlins. I have a background in electronics, and I will shorten it all out, streamline and delete what is not needed and keeping the basics, but for engine management, I had been toying around with different directions to go, as far as wiring is concerned, for prjkt 240SX MAYHEM. After seeing what Chase Bays has to offer, my mind is made up to go with their S13 SR20DET harness option CM3. Their looms are divided into CM1, CM2 and CM3. You can read about each one here.

These photos are the property of Chase Bays and were taken from their web site for use in this blog post.

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