Spirit玲 スピリット玲

Anybody that knows me knows that I’m a big fan of Spirit Rei (Spirit玲 スピリット玲). Spirit Rei has been in the scene since 2010, and is run by Motohiro Taniguchi in Tottori Prefecture, Japan. Debuting, as I said in 2010 with the world-famous “Odyvia” that everybody has gone gaga for, and rightfully so, since it is one rare instance where another automaker’s feature is grafted on to another’s, and in this case, the Japanese-version Honda Odyssey headlights on the (P)S-13 Silvia.

DSC00141DSC00144 DSC00147 DSC00148

Mastermind North America is Spirit Rei’s agent for the USA and Canada, and below is their showcase 240SX with the Odyvia kit. Notice this car is LS-powered.

Mastermind_240SX mastermind_240SX_LS_power

Spirit Rei’s newest release is the Miyabi for Silvia (P)S-13. Miyabi has a few meanings- “elegance” but I’m more familiar with the “heart-breaker” connotation. Elegant heart-breaker? Seems fitting. The pictures below speak all for themselves.


The Work Wheels M1R has a gloss anodized lip and a polish silver face. Specifications up front are 18 x 10 -20 with 215/40/18  tires, these perfectly flushes out the +40mm Spirit-Rei front fenders.





Going for the double-staggered route to match the aggressive front wheel fitment, these utilize the rear fender work with the 19 x 11.5 -43 wheels mounted to 255/35/19 tires.





But my heart belongs to the original Miyabi concept, which Taniguchi created out of a 180SX that was totally written off. Instead of going to the scrapyard, Taniguchi rescued it and poured passion into this piece that really updates the 27 year-old 180SX.

I’m just going to shut up and thank STANCENATION and JC Pepino for taking the time to document this “elegant heart-breaker” 180SX.

Spirit-Rei-Nissan-Work-Wheels-2 Spirit-Rei-Nissan-Work-Wheels-5 Spirit-Rei-Nissan-Work-Wheels-6 Spirit-Rei-Nissan-Work-Wheels-8 Spirit-Rei-Nissan-Work-Wheels-9 Spirit-Rei-Nissan-Work-Wheels-10 Spirit-Rei-Nissan-Work-Wheels-13 Spirit-Rei-Nissan-Work-Wheels-15 Spirit-Rei-Nissan-Work-Wheels-16 Spirit-Rei-Nissan-Work-Wheels-17 Spirit-Rei-Nissan-Work-Wheels-19 Spirit-Rei-Nissan-Work-Wheels-20 Spirit-Rei-Nissan-Work-Wheels-22 Spirit-Rei-Nissan-Work-Wheels-24 Spirit-Rei-Nissan-Work-Wheels-27 Spirit-Rei-Nissan-Work-Wheels-28 Spirit-Rei-Nissan-Work-Wheels-29

I posted this up for you, Daniel Morgan and the Fayetteville 240SX posse.

The pictures that are in this blog are courtesy of Spirit玲 スピリット玲, Mastermind North America, FATLACE and STANCENATION. Thank you for sharing the love and passion of Mr. Motohiro Taniguchi’s creations. To order Spirit Rei goods, contact them at http://www.spirit-rei.com/.

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