prjkt A31 Laurel Atima’s JECS 550cc Injectors Received… FAIL

I bought these JECS 550cc high-impedance sidefeed injectors for the turbo upgrade for prjkt A31 Laurel Altima. I was told that what I see is exactly what I was going to get…

s-l1600 (2)

s-l1600 (1)

What I got instead was this…



Thankfully, the place I bought them from recognized the deficiency and is sending me out another complete set like the ones I saw initially free of charge with return voucher for the sub-standard ones I received.

What’s the lesson in all of this? Stick to your guns and do not settle for less than what you bargained for, and when communicating with a parts vendor, be polite and firm. Thankfully, the vendor values customers and return business and provided me options- all in my favor.

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