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All parts for prjkt EVO VIII MAYHEM are sourced exclusively from Street Tuned Motorsports (STM) based in Spencerport, New York. Known for their parts support and tuning services for the Mitsubishi EVO series, to include DSM, they also support the Nissan R35 GTR, Ford Focus RS and ST, Subaru WRX/STi and BRZ/FR-S (Scion), and Audi S3-S7 and R8, they can also provide parts support for any motor vehicle, granted you let them know what you are looking for/need. My relationship with STM developed in 2014 when my tuner for EVO VIII MAYHEM, Chris Carbee, had me order parts for the initial tinkering I started on this car. As you know from the previous blogs on EVO VIII MAYHEM, I bought the car in 2011 and hadn’t done anything to it other than drive it for 6 months and then parking it in the garage until I had the chance to start exploring what is in it and what needs to be replaced/improved on.

It started out with a 4-Bar Omnipower MAP sensor, a MAF-less intake and filter, D2 coilover system, Buschur solid shifter bushings and Energy Suspension polyurethane bushing set for the mustache bar.

After the letdown on the dyno in February 2014 at All-Aspects in Chesapeake, Virginia, I left everything alone and only really started to think about the EVO a month and a half before my 2-week visit back home this past October.

As I mentioned previously, the dealer I had purchased the car from stated that the car made 440-ish on the dyno in Hickory, North Carolina. Funny how I didn’t get a print-out of the dyno run. Regardless, the car was what I wanted, after having owned an EVO VII previously some years back. Something about being comfortable with a type/model/series eradicates any fears. Anyway, based on Chris’ recommendations for parts replacements, I got in touch with Ethan Walker, Sales at STM via Facebook Messenger and ordered ETS’ intercooler kit, Works Bell Steering Hub Adapter with SRS canceller, Sparco R 368 suede steering wheel, Torque Solution billet shift knob, Hallman MBC with in-cabin boost control knob and an IAT sensor to complete my speed density set up. Everything was there waiting for me when I got home this past October.

In short, after removing and replacing parts on the EVO, the car came alive, it felt like it had jumped into another dynamic. This is what you want when upgrading parts. You want to improve on what is currently there without degrading something else.

I’m totally satisfied with my relationship with STM. The sales service I receive is spot on. If they don’t have it in stock, they tell you, but they act on getting it for you from within their network of parts suppliers as quickly as possible. Items like the ETS intercooler system required drop-ship from ETS since they make them as they are ordered. Recently, I purchased the Torque Solution Engine Mount Kit (4-piece) to replace the OE pieces, as well as a set of Pro-Sport hood dampeners. All it took was letting Ethan know what I wanted via Messenger and the orders were placed with a quick confirmation of the order via attach file to my email and an email when the item(s) shipped with tracking number.

STM makes you feel important and not just another point-of-sale. They work with you. Eventually, I will make my way to Spencerport to pay them a visit because I value developing long-term realtionships, especially when it comes to these projects.

Please give them your business. Your car doesn’t have to be one that they show support for on their home page. Just give them a call at  (585) 226-8226 or go see them at STM Tuned Inc., 43 Turner Drive, Spencerport, NY 14559. Just throw that address into Google Maps and head on over.

All pictures in this blog belong to STM.

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