What’s up?

Hey folks. Yes, it’s been a while since I last posted an update. I had to take some personal time and to attend to some bigger things like buying a home for my family. If you’ve never been through that process, let me just say everything about your financial standing will be scrutinized and scrutinized again. It will take every bit of your time. Anyway, we accomplished that goal. Also, Tokyo Auto Salon took up a lot time for the manufacturers I’ve decided to go with for parts for prjktMAYHEM 240SX hatchback. If you’ve been following along, Spirit Rei Miyabi 180SX full kit along with Spirit Rei Kamikaze diffuser system was purchased. It has finally arrived and is awaiting shipment from Los Angeles to my fabricator. Additionally, Garage Mak full carbon hood was ordered and is being shipped with the Miyabi and diffuser system.

On another note, all has not been positive. For personal reasons, Bobby has decided to not continue on with prjktMAYHEM. I wish him the best in his endeavors.

Next update will take us to the fabrication stage for the hatchback. I’ve been playing with some ideas to compliment the Miyabi.


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