Spirit玲 スピリット玲- 180SX Miyabi/Kamikaze Diffuser System and Garage Mak Hood


Well, both prjkt 240SX MAYHEM and the parts donor car safely arrived back in March to the fabricator who will doing the magic to build prjkt 240SX MAYHEM with the Spirit玲 (スピリット玲) 180SX Miyabi full kit, the Spirit玲 (スピリット玲) Kamikaze full carbon diffuser system and a Garage Mak Type 2 full carbon hood.

Spirit Rei Miyabi 180SX with Kamikaze Diffuser System

Spirit Rei Kamikaze Diffuser System


These products are on their way to the fabricator. One thing at a time, and as Deadpool says “Maximum Effort!”

The only picture in this post that does not belong to me is of the diffuser system. It belongs to baggedproper.com. Heyyyyyyy… if you are gonna steal, at least say where it came from.

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