2016 Was Not On Fire

Hey folks. How’s everybody doing? To make a long story short, this year didn’t even pan out in favor for anything I had planned for the cars. It did for everybody else, but for me it didn’t happen. This is the major drawback for being a half a world away from everything and everyone I tried to get involved with my visions. I can’t hate on anybody but myself for thinking I can do a lot of directing from over here but when life happens, it happens.

Speaking of life, nobody has control of it. Stuff is gonna either go in your favor, against you or take a neutral stance. Yeah I got sucked into some negative emotions since summer, especially with the A31. I’ve realized that I’ve done all I can for it until I bring it to the USA. It’s a pile of shit. It needs to be completely dismantled done to the core and built up.

Nothing happened for the Miyabi project… nothing. That was my biggest letdown.

I can go on and on with this pissy attitude but it won’t remedy anything.

All I can do at this point is bring it all back in and reset. 2017? I am not promising anything. 2027? Again, not promising anything. Things are gonna get done when I actually turn wrenches on bolt at a time, one panel at a time, one weld at a time.

To those who got their shit done this year, congratulations. To those able  to get shit done each weekend, keep at it.


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