T & E Vertex 1996

Back on this blog again after a very long period of inactivity.

The topic is T & E Vertex, and 1996 so happens to be the year this Japanese company with a cult-like following was established in Yokohama, Japan.

To me, Vertex and all the little names they associate with the brand is everything that is cool about the feel and emotion that resonates within the Japanese car scene with a streak of bad boy elegance. It’s just plain sex or the promise of a very good time at it. That’s about as close as I can relate it to.

I’m not just talking about Vertex for the sake of talking about it. I’m talking about it simply because I am incorporating some of their pieces in prjkt 240SX MAYHEM. The reasoning was very simple for me. Prjkt 240SX MAYHEM will be utilizing as many Japanese made parts, as possible. I have nothing against the US makers of parts for the 240SX, and I could easily go with them, but somewhere in it all, prjkt 240SX MAYHEM would be just another 240SX hatch in the US Japanese car scene. No offense, but it would be like I went out and bought a tailored Versace suit and just cheaped out on the shoes and went with Payless slip-n-slide skippers.

The products from Vertex that I am going to be using are:

I’m in the midst of acquiring the limited run grey/whit/green stitched T & E Vertex 1996 330mm steering wheel, as well as a set of green Vertex lug nuts made in association with KICS, and lastly, the full titanium Legerfort catback exhaust.

To see more of what T & E Vertex offers, check them out at T & E Vertex in Japan, as well as Vertex USA for North America.

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