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Coilovers… I remember a time when coilovers were relegated to track cars of European marques, and I remember when coilovers were starting to become more commonplace back in Japan. My first coilover system was a build-it-yourself system for the AE86 with the sleeve, collars, top and lower perch and modifying the stock OE system and using AE92 Tokico gas shocks with a spacer shoved into the bottom. The big names coming to the forefront were HKS, BLITZ, Apexi, GREDDY and the endless supply of private tuning shops who were sourcing and putting together kits under their own labels.

Everybody, it seems, thinks all Japanese companies produce their goods in Japan. There’s may a very very few who still do, but for the big guys and the little guys, Taiwan and China is where all the dirty work of manufacturing is done. Japanese overhead is just simply astronomically expensive. Nobody would be able to afford the goods. A good amount of R & D is done in Japan, and that is fed into the manufacturing process with quality assurance and quality control factors coming into play continuously via factory cars and factory-sponsored drivers. Anything that merits change is fed back into the work process. This is how it works. Whether or not it is made by Japanese hands, Taiwanese, Chinese, Malaysian, Australian, or American is irrelevant as long as the product meets the performance requirements requested.

Sorry for being long-winded on this, but as an engineer, it makes sense to me.

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I chose Fortune Auto coilover systems for the simple reasons- design/hand assembling/testing is done in the USA right in my adopted home state of Virginia, they practice quality assurance/control, will rebuild your coilovers, accessible, friendly and knowledgeable staff, and user feedback regardless of type of driving is very positive. I did not make this decision lightly when shopping for a brand. I could have easily chosen a Japanese branded one, but knowing how the supply stream of parts is done, I opted to spend my money supporting American business.

This video is showing what feature upgrades have been made with the Generation 6 over the Generation 5 models.

I own both the previous Generation 5 500 Series and the new Generation 6 510 series coilovers for S13. One set will be used on prjkt 240SX Mayhem and the other will replace the current coilover system on prjkt A31 Laurel Altima.

510 Series Nissan 180SX 1989-98 Coilover

Fortune Auto Genration 6 510 Series Nissan 180SX 1989-98

Fortune Auto Generation 6 510 Series Nissan S13 1989-98

Fortune Auto 500 Series 5th Gen

Fortune Auto Generation 5 500 Series Nissan S13 1989-98

Fortune Auto coilover systems and accessories can be viewed at Fortune Auto


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