Prjkt 240SX MAYHEM is going to be using exclusively HPI products for cooling duties for air, coolant and oil systems.

If you know anything about HPI, they just make great stuff… hands down.

For the amount of money for their pieces, I could easily fund another build, BUT… again… I am not going to be wearing a Versace suit and Payless slip-n-slide skippers.

It seems that a lot of the US companies that are producing parts for the 240SX chassis are starting to have quality issues. I’m not here to bad-mouth any of them, but you can always come across the debates and personal experiences from many individuals either for them or against them across the board in the forums and definitely in Facebook.

I know for a fact that HPI actually does put their goods to the test in drift, drag, circuit, road and track courses, and employs professional drivers to provide constant feedback on the performance of their goods either in factory-sponsored cars or drivers. This continuous feedback is looped back into the quality control portion of HPI, and changes are made according to merit. This is pure program management. I understand it.

If you are interested in HPI products, see them at HPI.


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