S14 Subframe Swap Into S13

Prjkt 240SX MAYHEM has a lot of S14 swapped parts in it with the exception of the subframe. I bought it like this, and it so happens that I also have an S14 R200 with a KAAZ 2-Way Limited Slip Differential. So? Just swap out the differential cover for an S13 one and use the S14 bolts, and spacers and all that to mount the front of the differential…

But… I want to take advantage of some of the benefits of having a subframe that is 10mm wider compared to the stock S13 subframe which correlates to anti-squat in the corners (reduced front lift) and being able to put the power down coming out of them. This sounds a lot like road racing, and yes, it does. I am, at heart, a road racing guy followed by drag racing and then drifting.

S13-S14 Subframes

For me, it just makes sense, and it is something I have never done in any of my previous S13 projects.

If you came here looking for the ultimate answer, there really isn’t an overall advantage of one over the other. It comes down to personal preference and what you ultimately want to do with your car.

What I have done in my search for technical data is going to the following sites and the proper threads for information. I think that these places will give you some ready answers, as well as make you question if this is the right direction for your build or a future project.

These are the links/threads:




I looked at YouTube to try to find some videos, but unfortunately, there are none.

Anyway, I hope this post has been of some benefit to you, and please drop me a question if you have any, or if you have more information, please share it.

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