Let’s Do a Reset…

Hey everybody! It’s been quite some time since I was last active in updating and maintaining this site. Life is what happened. Late summer 2017 and into the fall, I changed geographic locations and got on with a new company. Getting on with a new company meant new challenges and exercising skill sets that I haven’t used in quite some time. It’s only now after having a quick 2-week vacation back home and actually touching my cars again that I’m confident enough to start devoting time to this work of passion. I picked up a third S13 240SX hatchback that has a complete RB20DET swap complete with as many parts swapped out from an R32 GTSt and fitted in the 240SX. This is the special thing about this car. No swap kit involved. The car needs work to the exterior and some in the interior section of the car. I just wanted an S13 right now that I could just jump in and drive and simply enjoy. This car is it. I managed to swap out the R32 GTSt wheels and re-shoed the car with Kids Heart 17×9.5 +15 square wheels. The Kids Heart wheels really set this car off. No crazy camber needed. These wheels were designed for a 5-lug swapped S13 without having to use over fenders.

Engine stuff? I finally own another full swap S14 SR20DET. I’ve been looking for a few years for one that is fairly close to plug-n-play, and I found one that belonged to my friend Aaron Roos. Life is happening for Aaron with a prospective new job in a new area of the USA, and he decided to get out of the car game for a bit. I got some extra goodies along with it.

After getting the S14 SR20DET swap back to my house, I picked up my OE S13 Silvia front that I bought close to 3 years ago. I finally had a window of opportunity to shoot down to Fayetteville, NC to pick it up from my friend Michael who graciously held on to it for me while I was outside the USA working. I’m debating to either use it on my RB-powered S13 or find a coupe and do a Silvia theme. I say theme because there were no OE Silvia-faced 240SX coupes.

Lastly during my last few days of vacation, I picked up my S14 rear differential complete with a KAAZ 2-Way limited slip diffferential from my friend Nick in Chesapeake. Nick was cool enough to score an S13 differential cover for it from a mutual friend, Matt Ward, before I picked it up. This baby is going into the RB-powered S13 hatchback.

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