prjkt EVO VIII MAYHEM Scheduled for a Refresh

I’ve owned my 2005 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII since 2011, and I’ve only put on 7,000 miles on it since then. You’re thinking that this is great, but trust me, you don’t want to keep a car in the garage for extended periods of time. Things like rubber-based hoses, seals and other soft parts start to decompose and can lead to other problems, such as what happened in February 2016 when I was making my way back to Virginia from Alabama when I suffered a broken intake manifold coolant line that burst outside Atlanta followed by a burst heater coolant return line in Virginia a year later. You could say that they failed naturally from age, but these sort of things fail faster when they just sit and oxidize even in a controlled environment out of the sun and elements.

Tired of the faint whiff of coolant here and there (with no sign of leaks or reduced coolant level) along with an erratic idle, along with what we found is too soft of a spring in the TiAL BOV, I turned to Michael Kessler of Boost Division LLC in Chesapeake, VA to do base-line inspection and integrity check of the engine itself. After the engine is completely diagnosed and assessed along, we will start doing things with some upgrades to extend the life, performance and the aesthetics of the car.


Because of the nature of my work, I cannot be home to do what I need to do for the EVO, so Mikey and the guys are going to fit it into their busy schedule at Boost Division while I am back at work.

Mikey recommended the following brands/parts:

  • FP Red 3076 ball-bearing turbo (replacement for my FP Green; FP Green needs a rebuild)
  • Archer Fab Stock 8/9 Turbo Manifold replacement
  • FID 1600cc EVO X High Impedance injectors with FID PNP plug adapters
  • Deatschwerks DW300 fuel pump
  • Boost Division COP system
  • Driven Fab Catch Can/Coolant Reservoir
  • ECU E-Flash/Tune single map


  • Boost Division will also service the transmission, the transfer case and rear differential with fresh fluids.

I just want an EVO that I can come home to, start up and drive without worrying that something catastrophic is going to fail on me, as well as to be a quick street car. Solid power-to-weight ratio is where it is at. I don’t need all the HP. Just respectable street numbers, nimbleness and most important FUN.1511054_10203742052016868_143639529250622097_n


Hey man, thank you for the Shout out! Excited to get your car squared away for you.


The pleasure is all mine! Definitely appreciate you guys looking out for the veteran community and us deployed types. Really excited to see what you guys will do for her.


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