British Touring Car Championship Primera and what a 300HP NA SR20DE Looks Like

Primarily being a RWD/AWD driver/owner, I have always had a soft-spot for the Nissan P10/P11 series Primera. I always thought these cars were Japanese in origin, but little did I know that they were produced mainly in the UK, as well as in Taiwan (P10) and New Zealand (P11). US fans know these cars as the Infiniti G20 (P10/P11 series). The P10 was produced from 1990-1996, and the P11 was produced from 1997-2002. I first saw them when they debuted in Japan, but paid no mind to them until I saw the UK variants showing up in small numbers with some performance under the hood. As I traveled back to the USA a few times in the 90s, I saw the USDM Infiniti G20 series. Their production run was from 1990-2002. The G20 was just a P10 and P11 Primera badged with the premium Infiniti badge as an entry-level Infiniti. Just as its sisters, it came with the FWD SR20DE. The 1990-1996 SR20DE was rated at 140HP, and the 1997-2002 model was rated at 145HP. An odd fact was that the G20 was produced in Oppama, Japan. I actually toured the Oppama Nissan factory back then.

Anyway, none of the G20s, nor any of the P10/P11 series come with 300HP. Those numbers came from NISMO UK and Renik. Take a look at some of the pictures of these 300HP monsters.


Someone even managed to get their hands on one of these rare heads and mated it to an S15 shortblock with aspirations of 1000HP. Party on, Wayne!

SR20DE BTCC Longitudinal

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