2JZ Swap into USDM S13/S14 240SX

I figured some of you that come here on the regular are looking for information regarding a 2JZ swap into a USDM S13 and S14 240SX. Firstly, thank you for coming here, and I hope that whatever content I post is of benefit to you all. Now, I am a fan of the 2JZ, but I have never owned one. I have owned plenty of 4AG back during my Toyota Sprinter Trueno days and played around with the 4AG 20V variants long ago before I jumped into Nissans. I respect the 2JZ, just like everybody should, and I salute you for taking this route. Perhaps I will own one someday, but for now, I just research.

Instead of re-inventing the wheel, I have perused the internet for quality content on this subject, and I have found a very useful write-up with plenty of diagrams, pictures and pinout identifications for the 2JZ via PRO STREET online. The writer of the how-to is John Huh, so all thanks go to him and PRO STREET. As with anything, use the information as you deem necessary, but I am not liable for anything that goes wrong.

Go here:

For S13 240SX

2J S13

How to Swap 2JZ into S13 240SX

How to Wire a 2JZ into S13 240SX

For S14 240SX

2J S14_

How to Wire a 2JZ into S14 240SX

Again, all credit for the links goes to John Huh and PRO STREET.

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