Rotiform Wheels

We’ve all seen the tried and true one-piece and three-piece wheels out there on the market, and there are some real timeless beauties. I think that everybody has a level of comfort of sticking to what works and to an extent, what is considered acceptable in the various types of cars/marques. It’s true… some wheels just “fit” certain cars/themes and they become synonymous with them. SSR, Work, Rays, Volk, RS Watanabe, BBS, etc. The makers are endless and have rich history. For some reason, Euro-spec crowds gravitate towards the Euro wheel makers, and Japan-spec crowds just stick with Japanese wheel makers. Nothing wrong with it. Yes, you will see cross-pollinization of Euro wheels on Japanese cars and vice-versa. Only makes sense, since the Japanese Domestic Car scene took their style cues from Europe and put their own twist to it. As far as the USA and North America goes, we have our own culture, and you see the majority of US wheel makers showcase their wares on US domestic model cars and trucks. Industry supporting industry. Totally for it. Totally respect it.

We as a car culture have been bombarded by everything. So many cross-overs from different scenes and mindsets, and again… that is totally cool. We do go through periods of nostlagia when things get too mainstream, such as the re-discovery of 90s small wheels. Great… I get it… been there. But… at the end of the day, you should go with a style and a satisfaction that is rooted in what you find beautiful and can be passionate about.

I have buttloads of Work wheels now, and I love them. Would never part with them, but… I am becoming jaded by what I see. Sooo… in comes Rotiform.

The following wheels I find love for…

Rotiform Forged 3-Piece SIX. A head nod to the venerable Volk Rays TE37.

Rotiform Forged 3-piece FUC (a play on the name “Fuch”). Cool name, and a throwback to the late 60’s/early 70’s Porsche 911 factory wheel options.

Rotiform Forged 3-piece HUR. Inspired and built for Lamborghini Huracan owners and those who like this positive offset look.

Rotiform Forged 3-piece LGB. I can’t quite find the inspiration for this beautiful wheel, but it reminds me of Chip Foose influence. I like it.

So… which wheel I go with remains up in the air. These wheels are not cheap by any stretch of the imagination, but then again, why would you buy a custom-fitted Armani suit and just cheap out and go buy Payless slip-n-slides? Ain’t nobody got time for that, because wheels are what makes a car stand out and gives it pop. Do it for yourself, but don’t be caught looking bombed out and ragged.

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