prjktMAYHEM e-Store

UPDATE 17 June 2018-  prjktMAYHEM Shopify e-commerce site starts getting built. Product listing initially is:


  • SSR
  • WORK
  • WEDS
  • RAY’S

Wheel Accessories:

  • Muteki/Project KICS
  • Digicam titanium
  • 326 Power

Steering Wheels:

  • Vertex
  • ATC
  • OMP
  • Sparco

prjktMAYHEM will also be your source for aero styling kits from makers Spirit Rei, Final Connexion, Sexy Style, BN Sports, PS Duce, URAS, AIMGAIN, Works 9, etc.

This year has been all about pushing some boundaries. Dreaming is only as good as the ether that fills one’s head in the dead spaces between thinking and doing. So, I doubled down and legitimized prjktMAYHEM as an actual business with actual incorporation, and I’m working with a few select vendors/parts providers and jumping into the world of online retail. Going slow and just offering a few things so that my business sense can be developed and only with things I can control.

Over the course of the summer starting 17 June, I’ll be building the e-commerce site to make it a simple, enjoyable, safe experience. I know what it’s like to buy from businesses that seem to lack the personal touch, so I’ll be keeping in mind to keep it simple, keep it safe, keep it enjoyable and to keep it a rewarding experience for everybody.

Kenji Mayhem

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