BN Sports


prjktMAYHEM is pleased to provide you with genuine BN Sports aero for your Nissan, Mazda and Toyota RWD vehicles

My first run-in with BN Sports was 18 years ago at Tokyo Auto Salon 2000 where I met BN Sports founder and CEO Motin Howlader. For a little trivia, those who wonder what the “BN” stands for, well it stands for “Bangladesh”, Mr. Howlader’s home country.

As it was then, it is now and even more so with regards to quality and a timeless style that BN Sports is known for. In fact, the same BN Sports Defend kit for 180SX that I drooled over as a younger guy, is the same kit being offered today. How cool is that? It is true that BN Sports set the standard back in 2000 that many aero companies in Japan and around the world have aspired to. Many of today’s kits you see have lines in them that BN Sports created.

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