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prjktMAYHEM wants to ensure that the products you get are authentic and backed with factory warranties, and I want to make sure that the products I acquire on your behalf are from legitimate distribution sources who can pass on the factory warranties to you. Many parts makers in Japan will not honor a warranty for a part they produce if you do not have the proper paperwork/proof of authenticity, and only an authorized reseller/wholesaler/distribution channel can provide it with your order.

A message from RAYS…

Important information for OVERSEAS CUSTOMERS !

All products sold and distributed through RAYS Authorized Dealer indicate an extra [SEAL OF AUTHENTICATION] sticker on each wheel package.
This seal confirms this product to be distributed direct from RAYS Co., Ltd to the authorized overseas market.
To ensure the integrity of RAYS products and services (including limited warranty), please save this portion and keep with the original warranty card and original purchase receipt.

This is what the seals look like:

Seal of Authentication-1Seal of Authentication-2

When you buy from authorized merchants, you’re also getting peace of mind that if there is ever an issue with your product during the time of warranty, you have a clear lane of communication directly through to the manufacturer.

As a reseller, and as an enthusiast, I feel better when I get this pledge from manufacturers.

For more information about RAYS VOLK Racing wheels and how to purchase, DM me at Make sure to add prjktMAYHEM to your favorites in order to stay updated on RAYS VOLK Racing and other goods and manufacturers.

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