RS Watanabe R17 for ZN6 FRS/GT86/BRZ

The ZN6 FRS/GT86/BRZ is actually a car that looks very plain, but with just the right aero and wheel set, they become very stunning.

RS Watanabe debuted the R17 F/R17-9.5J -19 offset to work with the Pandem Version3 wide body kit that is currently on the market.

To me, this rendition of the ZN6 does make me reminisce about my AE86 Sprinter Trueno days in Japan long ago.

If you own a ZN6, then you need RS Watanabe. Here’s what it looks like in another rendition without the Pandem kit.

The kit that is featued on this car is from Varis. You can’t go wrong with Varis, neither.

To order RS Watanabe for your ZN6 or another car, message me here or DM me at for details and ordering information.

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