Ishikawa Body USA

Hey folks! A lot of life level ups this year in personal accomplishments and getting involved with a very good friend from Japan, Masaru Ishikawa @masaru2236 of the famed Ishikawa Body 180SX and Silvia convertible that debuted at Wekfest in Japan almost 2 months back. Well… I am both honored and proud to say that I am Ishikawa Body USA @ishikawa_body_usa, and I am working in conjunction with Mastermind NA @mastermind_north_america in Santa Fe Springs, California for North American distribution/product fulfillment solutions. Back in Japan, I am working not only with Masaru, but also Matthew Carmody of Matte Production @matte_production and Ishikawa Body AUS NZ @ishikawa_body_aus_nz who in turn is working with Michael Ginn of Dori Junkie @dorijunkie for Australia/New Zealand distribution/product fulfillment solutions. Last but not least for the UK and EU, Adrian of Torqen @torqen is doing distribution/product fulfillment for the UK and EU customers.

I will say that even as far back as when I started this blog, I would somehow/some day end up getting involved with entrepreneurial activities. Ishikawa Body USA is the one thing I am really passionate about. You saw the article from 04 August 2018 regarding Ishikawa Body 180SX, and it is from the friendship I started that Masaru saw something in me and my passion because we are in many ways similar. We like DIY, and we don’t like to fit in the same pattern as the rest of the automotive scene. The fact that I could see what he was doing with metal instead of fiber and could talk with him about it was the instant connection. More than that, Masaru is not a pretentious man. He has very strong convictions to do things his way, and isn’t really fazed by fame or fortune. He just wants to share his passion for creativity and the possibilities that exist in the car scene, and that is where we are at today.

The very basis of why Ishikawa Body exists is to show the world of cars, like the S13 hatch and coupe, that these cars can also be built as respectable “city cars” and not necessarily relegated to the drift scene.  The projection of imagination/creativity was to realize the S13 had Nissan continued with the design line well into the 2K and how it would have evolved concentrating on the wheel trend to current times. Fixated on 19-inch offerings by Nissan/NISMO, the objective was to reconstruct the car to be able to accommodate the bigger wheel packages a person can get today without having to invest in a lot of expensive camber and suspension tuning pieces.

Ishikawa Body is unpretentious, and the fender panels being offered worldwide are an acquired taste. Not to be confused with over-fenders, these are niche pieces. Over-fenders change up the look from factory OE intent, while the Ishikawa Body fender panels flow with it and utilize the factory metal as part of the design. The rears measure +45mm and the fronts are +25mm over the OE. The owners of these pieces are strongly encouraged to seek a professional body shop to incorporate them.


To be straight up with the general public, we did not enter into this business to get rich. We’re already rich in passion and want to spread the wealth to the fans and the followers of Masaru Ishikawa and Ishikawa Body.

For North America:


For Australia and New Zealand:


For the UK and the EU:


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