prjkt EVO VIII MAYHEM Scheduled for a Refresh

I’ve owned my 2005 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII since 2011, and I’ve only put on 7,000 miles on it since then. You’re thinking that this is great, but trust me, you don’t want to keep a car in the garage for extended periods of time. Things like rubber-based hoses, seals and other soft parts start to decompose and can lead to other problems, such as what happened in February 2016 when I was making my way back to Virginia from Alabama when I suffered a broken intake manifold coolant line that burst outside Atlanta followed by a burst heater coolant … Continue reading prjkt EVO VIII MAYHEM Scheduled for a Refresh

S14 Subframe Swap Into S13

Prjkt 240SX MAYHEM has a lot of S14 swapped parts in it with the exception of the subframe. I bought it like this, and it so happens that I also have an S14 R200 with a KAAZ 2-Way Limited Slip Differential. So? Just swap out the differential cover for an S13 one and use┬áthe S14 bolts, and spacers and all that to mount the front of the differential… But… I want to take advantage of some of the benefits of having a subframe that is 10mm wider compared to the stock S13 subframe which correlates to anti-squat in the corners … Continue reading S14 Subframe Swap Into S13