Hey everybody! Just a chill Sunday afternoon, and it dawned on me that it’s been over two months since my last writing (Ishikawa Body 180SX). I must say that article was a highlight for me, and I thoroughly enjoyed writing … Continue reading prjktMAYHEM EVO VIII

Nissan Factory Camshaft Specifications

The link below will take you to my list of Nissan OEM camshaft specifications. I decided to publish something regarding them for education purposes only after doing some research on the different camshaft duration and lift as a comparison to aftermarket configurations. There’s a cloud of misconception regarding FWD and RWD SR20 camshafts. With the exception of the SR20VE camshafts, the camshafts are interchangeable. P10 Primera SR20DE Feb 1990-Aug 1992 In 248/10.0mm Ex 240/9.2mm P10 Primera SR20DE Sep 1992-Aug 1995 In 248/10.0mm Ex 240/9.2mm P11 Primera SR20DE In 240/9.4mm Ex 232/8.5mm P11 Primera SR20VE In 220/8.4mm > 264/10.7mm Ex 244/6.6mm … Continue reading Nissan Factory Camshaft Specifications

prjkt EVO VIII MAYHEM Scheduled for a Refresh

I’ve owned my 2005 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII since 2011, and I’ve only put on 7,000 miles on it since then. You’re thinking that this is great, but trust me, you don’t want to keep a car in the garage for extended periods of time. Things like rubber-based hoses, seals and other soft parts start to decompose and can lead to other problems, such as what happened in February 2016 when I was making my way back to Virginia from Alabama when I suffered a broken intake manifold coolant line that burst outside Atlanta followed by a burst heater coolant … Continue reading prjkt EVO VIII MAYHEM Scheduled for a Refresh


Prjkt 240SX MAYHEM is going to be using exclusively HPI products for cooling duties for air, coolant and oil systems. If you know anything about HPI, they just make great stuff… hands down. For the amount of money for their pieces, I could easily fund another build, BUT… again… I am not going to be wearing a Versace suit and Payless slip-n-slide skippers. It seems that a lot of the US companies that are producing parts for the 240SX chassis are starting to have quality issues. I’m not here to bad-mouth any of them, but you can always come across … Continue reading HPI

T & E Vertex 1996

Back on this blog again after a very long period of inactivity. The topic is T & E Vertex, and 1996 so happens to be the year this Japanese company with a cult-like following was established in Yokohama, Japan. To me, Vertex and all the little names they associate with the brand is everything that is cool about the feel and emotion that resonates within the Japanese car scene with a streak of bad boy elegance. It’s just plain sex or the promise of a very good time at it. That’s about as close as I can relate it to. … Continue reading T & E Vertex 1996