Hey everybody! Just a chill Sunday afternoon, and it dawned on me that it’s been over two months since my last writing (Ishikawa Body 180SX). I must say that article was a highlight for me, and I thoroughly enjoyed writing … Continue reading prjktMAYHEM EVO VIII

Nissan Factory Camshaft Specifications

The link below will take you to my list of Nissan OEM camshaft specifications. I decided to publish something regarding them for education purposes only after doing some research on the different camshaft duration and lift as a comparison to aftermarket configurations. There’s a cloud of misconception regarding FWD and RWD SR20 camshafts. With the exception of the SR20VE camshafts, the camshafts are interchangeable. P10 Primera SR20DE Feb 1990-Aug 1992 In 248/10.0mm Ex 240/9.2mm P10 Primera SR20DE Sep 1992-Aug 1995 In 248/10.0mm Ex 240/9.2mm P11 Primera SR20DE In 240/9.4mm Ex 232/8.5mm P11 Primera SR20VE In 220/8.4mm > 264/10.7mm Ex 244/6.6mm … Continue reading Nissan Factory Camshaft Specifications