ISHIKAWA BODY 180SX (インタビュー – ISHIKAWA BODY 180SX) (English) If you follow Speedhunters, then you probably saw the Ishikawa Body 180SX that Dino Dalle Carbonare wrote about in the 07 May 2018 issue. This 1993 RPS13 180SX is owned by … Continue reading ISHIKAWA BODY 1993 RPS13 180SX

Fortune Auto Coilover System

Coilovers… I remember a time when coilovers were relegated to track cars of European marques, and I remember when coilovers were starting to become more commonplace back in Japan. My first coilover system was a build-it-yourself system for the AE86 with the sleeve, collars, top and lower perch and modifying the stock OE system and using AE92 Tokico gas shocks with a spacer shoved into the bottom. The big names coming to the forefront were HKS, BLITZ, Apexi, GREDDY and the endless supply of private tuning shops who were sourcing and putting together kits under their own labels. Everybody, it … Continue reading Fortune Auto Coilover System