prjktMAYHEM/MAYHEM Website Update

Good morning everyone! I just want to thank everybody who bought the 180SX and S14 louvers we made. This was our initial offering, and there’s more stuff coming, and quite honestly, this has all happened faster than we expected, but it is a great thing! Before we get too far along, we have to get […]

Resurrection with a focus

Hey folks! Kenji here… I have not put any focus on prjktmayhem.com for quite a while. I’ve been active on IG @prjktmayhem with regular posts there, but I need to get serious with prjktmayhem.com again since I am monetizing it. Yes… I said this before, but there was a setback and everything has a reason […]


Hey everybody! Just a chill Sunday afternoon, and it dawned on me that it’s been over two months since my last writing (Ishikawa Body 180SX). I must say that article was a highlight for me, and I thoroughly enjoyed writing it. All the time in the background, there was work being done on prjktMAYHEM EVO […]

WORK WHEELS Hats and T-Shirts

prjktMAYHEM has genuine WORK WHEELS authorized hats and T-shirts. These are new production runs from WORK WHEELS. Hats are $35 USD plus $12 USD shipping in the lower 48 states. International shipping rates apply. WORK Equip and WORK MEISTER t-shirts $25 USD plus $7 USD shipping in the lower 48 states. International shipping rates apply. […]

RS Watanabe-AE86

I started out with the AE86 Sprinter Trueno GTV in the early 90s. RS Watanabe was a regular part of my vocabulary along with Hasemi Racing, SSR Reverse Mesh, Full Reverse Mesh, Longchamps SR4, etc., but my first love of wheel and my first wheel of choice for the AE86 platform was and still is […]

RS Watanabe R17 for ZN6 FRS/GT86/BRZ

The ZN6 FRS/GT86/BRZ is actually a car that looks very plain, but with just the right aero and wheel set, they become very stunning. RS Watanabe debuted the R17 F/R17-9.5J -19 offset to work with the Pandem Version3 wide body kit that is currently on the market. To me, this rendition of the ZN6 does […]

Hurtling Solid & Joker CT9A EVO Aero Kit

This past 2018 Tokyo Auto Salon revealed the Hurtling Solid & Joker CT9A aero kit for the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII-IX series. This kit is a collaboration effort between Hurtling and Varis. Hurtling’s previous debuts were the DC2 Integra and the JZA80 aero styling kits. This kit is now available to the general public. The […]

RS Watanabe Wheels

RS Watanabe Wheels for Nissan R32, RPS13, PS13. Nissan R32 Skyline GTR Nissan PS13 Nissan RPS13 (zenki type) Nissan C33 Laurel Details and order information available kenji@prjktmayhem.com  


A beautiful wheel suited for 70s/80s nostalgia cars.   Pricing starts at $450.00 per wheel for 14x7J 4×114.3 offset 18 to $580.00 per wheel for 15x10J 4×114.3 offset -25. Go here for wheel sizes and specs   Contact me here or DM kenji@prjktmayhem.com for more information and ordering details. Remember to bookmark http://www.prjktmayhem.com to keep […]


The only one: TE37V MARK-II 18 inch Forged Monoblock The MARK-II is the evolution model of the TE37V available in 18 inch. Taking into share is the wide-body fitments for R32 GT-R and other custom tuned vehicles. Size line-up includes 12J and offset up to -33. Unparalleled presence of this forged monoblock in 18 inch […]

Product Service Announcement- RAYS

prjktMAYHEM wants to ensure that the products you get are authentic and backed with factory warranties, and I want to make sure that the products I acquire on your behalf are from legitimate distribution sources who can pass on the factory warranties to you. Many parts makers in Japan will not honor a warranty for […]

TANOSHI Licensed WORK T-Shirts, Hoodies and Nobori

Tanoshi is a brand that outlines the beauty of cars in all of their glory. Their team is full of car fanatics who always dreamt of doing something pertaining to the automotive industry. Just like us, they all love cars in general, be it sports cars, supercars, sedans or any concept car. “We believe that […]

Vertex T & E Goods

Vertex T & E is a family business started by D1 driver Takahiro Ueno in Yokohama in 1996. It all started with his world famous JZZ30 Soarer… Ueno noticed that the JZZ30 didn’t have many aero options in Japan at that time and decided to make his own kit… this is where T&E steps in. […]

BN Sports

prjktMAYHEM is pleased to provide you with genuine BN Sports aero for your Nissan, Mazda and Toyota RWD vehicles My first run-in with BN Sports was 18 years ago at Tokyo Auto Salon 2000 where I met BN Sports founder and CEO Motin Howlader. For a little trivia, those who wonder what the “BN” stands […]

2018 SSR Wheels Formula Aero Mesh

prjktMAYHEM presents you an exciting new wheel from SSR. The 2018 Formula Aero Mesh. The Formula Aero Mesh, is a variant of their existing Formula line of track-oriented wheels. The Formula Mesh wheel design has been modified to accept an aero-style wheel center for smoother airflow over the wheels, as well as total throwback good […]

DIGICAM Flowform Wheels Standard and Special N-Style Naoki Nakamura D1 Series

prjktMAYHEM is proud to help introduce DIGICAM Flowform Wheels Standard Series, and I’m especially excited to also introduce Japan D1 driver Naoki Nakamura’s Special N-Style DIGICAM Wheels Series DIGICAM Flowform Wheels Standard Series   STANDARD COLORS: 🔸️GLOSS BLACK 🔸️MATTE BRONZE We have stock ready to go in Japan. 17×9 + 12 / 5 x 114.3 […]

Nissan MAF and Consult Port Pinouts

Pretty self-explanatory here. Save yourself grief and time by ensuring you’ve wired up your MAF correctly whenever you have done an engine swap or a MAF upgrade that you are using the correct pinouts. Not revving past 2500 RPM with a wired up MAF just to rev past 2500 once the MAF is disconnected is […]

2JZ Swap into USDM S13/S14 240SX

I figured some of you that come here on the regular are looking for information regarding a 2JZ swap into a USDM S13 and S14 240SX. Firstly, thank you for coming here, and I hope that whatever content I post is of benefit to you all. Now, I am a fan of the 2JZ, but […]

Rotiform Wheels

We’ve all seen the tried and true one-piece and three-piece wheels out there on the market, and there are some real timeless beauties. I think that everybody has a level of comfort of sticking to what works and to an extent, what is considered acceptable in the various types of cars/marques. It’s true… some wheels […]

Nissan Factory Camshaft Specifications

The link below will take you to my list of Nissan OEM camshaft specifications. I decided to publish something regarding them for education purposes only after doing some research on the different camshaft duration and lift as a comparison to aftermarket configurations. There’s a cloud of misconception regarding FWD and RWD SR20 camshafts. With the […]

prjkt EVO VIII MAYHEM Scheduled for a Refresh

I’ve owned my 2005 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII since 2011, and I’ve only put on 7,000 miles on it since then. You’re thinking that this is great, but trust me, you don’t want to keep a car in the garage for extended periods of time. Things like rubber-based hoses, seals and other soft parts start […]

Let’s Do a Reset…

Hey everybody! It’s been quite some time since I was last active in updating and maintaining this site. Life is what happened. Late summer 2017 and into the fall, I changed geographic locations and got on with a new company. Getting on with a new company meant new challenges and exercising skill sets that I […]

S14 Subframe Swap Into S13

Prjkt 240SX MAYHEM has a lot of S14 swapped parts in it with the exception of the subframe. I bought it like this, and it so happens that I also have an S14 R200 with a KAAZ 2-Way Limited Slip Differential. So? Just swap out the differential cover for an S13 one and use the S14 […]

Fortune Auto Coilover System

Coilovers… I remember a time when coilovers were relegated to track cars of European marques, and I remember when coilovers were starting to become more commonplace back in Japan. My first coilover system was a build-it-yourself system for the AE86 with the sleeve, collars, top and lower perch and modifying the stock OE system and […]


Prjkt 240SX MAYHEM is going to be using exclusively HPI products for cooling duties for air, coolant and oil systems. If you know anything about HPI, they just make great stuff… hands down. For the amount of money for their pieces, I could easily fund another build, BUT… again… I am not going to be […]

T & E Vertex 1996

Back on this blog again after a very long period of inactivity. The topic is T & E Vertex, and 1996 so happens to be the year this Japanese company with a cult-like following was established in Yokohama, Japan. To me, Vertex and all the little names they associate with the brand is everything that […]

2016 Was Not On Fire

Hey folks. How’s everybody doing? To make a long story short, this year didn’t even pan out in favor for anything I had planned for the cars. It did for everybody else, but for me it didn’t happen. This is the major drawback for being a half a world away from everything and everyone I […]

What’s up?

Hey folks. Yes, it’s been a while since I last posted an update. I had to take some personal time and to attend to some bigger things like buying a home for my family. If you’ve never been through that process, let me just say everything about your financial standing will be scrutinized and scrutinized […]

2016- Moving Forward with “Kokoro” 心

Happy New Year to all of you who are actively following along with prjktMAYHEM. 2015 was the starting year for some ambitious works by me and Bobby Mayhem. Now that we are in 2016, we are pressing forward with action. If you have been exposed to Japanese in one shape or form, invariably you will […]

Spirit Rei Miyabi for MAYHEM

Well, I’ve been thinking of Motohiro Taniguchi’s Spirit Rei Miyabi 180SX off and on since fall 2013. Back then, I didn’t even have a 180SX anymore, since the last one I had was in 2009. The bug to get back into the S-series was gnawing at the back of my head. I finally got back […]

Street Tuned Motorsports

All parts for prjkt EVO VIII MAYHEM are sourced exclusively from Street Tuned Motorsports (STM) based in Spencerport, New York. Known for their parts support and tuning services for the Mitsubishi EVO series, to include DSM, they also support the Nissan R35 GTR, Ford Focus RS and ST, Subaru WRX/STi and BRZ/FR-S (Scion), and Audi […]

prjkt A31 Laurel Atima’s JECS 550cc Injectors Received… FAIL

I bought these JECS 550cc high-impedance sidefeed injectors for the turbo upgrade for prjkt A31 Laurel Altima. I was told that what I see is exactly what I was going to get… What I got instead was this… Thankfully, the place I bought them from recognized the deficiency and is sending me out another complete […]

Spirit玲 スピリット玲

Anybody that knows me knows that I’m a big fan of Spirit Rei (Spirit玲 スピリット玲). Spirit Rei has been in the scene since 2010, and is run by Motohiro Taniguchi in Tottori Prefecture, Japan. Debuting, as I said in 2010 with the world-famous “Odyvia” that everybody has gone gaga for, and rightfully so, since it […]

prjkt 240SX MAYHEM Wiring Upgrade Plan

When I was back home in the USA, I had the chance to stop by Chase Bays in Birmingham, Alabama and get a tour of their work shop by the man himself, Mr. Chase McMaster. Previous to this visit, I had only had the pleasure of seeing their work via the business site http://www.chasebays.com. Up […]

prjkt A31 Laurel Altima Turbo Upgrade

I’ve been piecing together a few items since I first got the A31 Laurel Altima that aren’t related to the engine swap that I did earlier this past late spring, but more or less upgrades to be done after I have the car finished and inspected/registered. The mindset for this car is still the same- […]

prjkt 240SX MAYHEM’s New Face

While back home last month, it was determined that the prjkt 240SX MAYHEM would undergo a face-change. Nothing radical, just paying homage to the “Sileighty” cars made famous by Kids Heart in Japan. The reason I am going this route is because MAYHEM’s radiator support had been cut/modified for a high mount intercooler and the […]

prjkt 240SX MAYHEM Down Hard

Where to even start? Well, a good place would be the very beginning…   Before we started on Blanche, we did a quick assessment of prjkt 240SX MAYHEM and its current condition. It was determined rather quickly that the car had serious issues with everything- low compression, very drastic suspension, electrical gremlins, exterior pieces in […]

prjkt 240SX Mayhem Coupe “Blanche” Is Up and Running

After getting prjkt EVO VIII MAYHEM back into fighting shape, I headed down to Birmingham, Alabama to get up with Bobby Mayhem to assist in getting the swap he had performed previously to my arrival in the USA. Before even attempting to start the car, we finished up some wiring for the e-fan, installed a […]

prjkt EVO VIII MAYHEM’s New Upgrades

Well, I’m back in Kuwait, and the 2-weeks stay back home in the USA was a whirlwind of getting stuff done. Now that I’ve had some time to think about everything that went on with the cars we did, what was started and what was achieved, I can honestly say that more action occurred in […]

Converting to 350Z Axles…

While in the USA doing work on 240SX MAYHEM, we found that both the right and left axles were completely shot. The inner CV boots were missing and the tripod housings that contain the bearings have been left without lubrication and are open to the elements. Not good. Repair? Replace with used 240SX axles (6-bolt […]

Heading Over…

On my way to the USA. 2 weeks to do 3 cars in 2 states and a road trip to Florida to check in with Chris Carbee to do some fine tuning on the EVO. Will it all get done? I am going to give it everything because mediocrity never suits me.

UPDATE Part 2. prjkt 240SX MAYHEM- Final Drive Ratio

With the purchase of the Tomei T-TRAX Advance 2-Way, a 4.625 ring and pinion gear was also sourced. Why did I choose the 4.625 that you find in the Nissan Xterra from 2001-2004? I like to stay in boost and being able to do drifty things without a lot of downshifting. I’ve talked to enough […]

Out With The Old… In With The New For Blanche

Just a little update on what’s happening currently with Prjkt 240SX Coupe “Blanche”. Work these past two weekends concentrated on removing the original KA24E engine/transmission/wiring, cleaning up and painting the engine bay area and getting the SR20DET package installed. Since the Volk EVO 3 wheels from Japan came a little while back, a little test […]

prjkt 240SX MAYHEM- Tomei T-Trax Advance Limited Slip Differential (LSD)

When the former Street Sweeper Gang 240SX hatchback was bought in August, one of the questions was asked regarding the LSD. When it was with the original owner in Arizona, it had a KAAZ 2-Way LSD. It currently has a welded differential. To each his or her own, but with the amount of effort put […]


prjktMAYHEM is not just Nissan cars, but any car we choose to monkey with. In this case is a 2005 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII, or simply EVO VIII. The official name for this one is prjkt EVO VIII MAYHEM. This car was acquired in 2011 from Cosmo Motors in Hickory, North Carolina. It had previously belonged […]

Short Block Stuff prjkt 240SX MAYHEM

prjkt 240SX MAYHEM’s SR20DET will be undergoing a short block rebuild/refresh next month. This is the stuff we’re using. Everything has been ordered or is on hand. Check back for more as it happens.

Update! prjkt A31 Laurel Altima- TiAL QR 50mm Recirculating BOV

I never ever intended to keep the cheap Chinese copy of the Greddy Type S Recirculating BOV that came with my SR20DET intercooler piping kit. It just came with it whether I liked it or not. I ended up using it just for stationary testing purposes, and guess what… the POS died. No worry, since […]

Perpetually Tonnka

Perpetually TONNKA or simply TONNKA is Larry Cheng in Malacca, Malaysia. Larry is an artist whose craft involves designing and fabricating race and race-inspired works for Nissan, Mitsubishi, Proton (Malaysian car maker), Subaru, Mazda, KIA and Toyota, amongst most cars. In TONNKA’s own words from their home page: “ARC Engineerings & Trading is an engine […]

Nissan ECUs- CA, SR, KA, RB, VG *** Updated

Hey folks! This page is by far the most popular within prjktMAYHEM. I appreciate your visits, and please spread the word about it. Helping and giving back to the Nissan community is where it is at! Love and kisses… Kenji Mayhem Hey! I just updated/expanded into the RB and VG series ECUs. If you have […]

Prjkt 240SX Coupe “Blanche” Interior Clean Up and Corrosion Control

Well, the weekend is here, and Bobby is getting ready to go to the second stage for Blanche which is taking out the current engine, the KA24E and the peripherals, and prepping the engine bay and surrounding areas for the SR20DET blacktop swap. Two weeks ago during the Labor Day weekend, Bobby did a thorough […]

Past Works… A Glimpse Into What Was

I got my start in the Japanese sports car scene in the 90’s in Japan. I had no exposure to anything going on in the USA other than the occasional Sport Compact Car magazine I picked up at the base mini-mart, and it seems like it was all about Honda/Acura, the DSM 1g/2g Eclipse/Talon/Lazer, with […]

The Other 240SX…

I bought this 1993 240SX last year via Bobby. It is my first 240SX. I am, for the most part, a 240SX newb. Bobby always has a great eye in finding things, especially 240SXs that are laid up in somebody’s yard or in some field. When he told me about this one, I just had […]

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