Garage Marine Radiator Core Support Silvia (S13/PS13)



Garage Marine is allocating 50 units for the USA, and you can only get it through prjktMAYHEM.

Garage Marine Radiator Core Support for Silvia (S13/PS13). The original radiator core support from Nissan has long since been discontinued.

Garage Marine’s version follows the lines of the OEM with their own twist which lends itself to being more user-friendly for the private garage/DIY owners who need to replace their core supports without having to find a donor or being forced to go tube-framed. It mounts at the exact location, as well as has all of the proper dimensions and mounting points for radiator, the pop-up lights, pass-throughs for wiring harness, mounting point for the factory latching mechanism, and the all-important locations for your rubber bump stoppers.

It comes in three pieces – upper, lower, and the headlight brackets and the center bracket. Easy to install. Mounting of the radiator core support will require spot welding (just like the OEM one). You can find spot welders at Harbor Freight for the DIY types. The job can be done in an hour, but I recommend taking your time.

50 in stock

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Garage Marine Radiator Core Support Silvia (S13/PS13)


Price: $1400

Pre-Order Introductory $1299

Shipping: $370 insured

ETA: Pre-order production 4-6 weeks Japan side

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