GP Sports MEGATECH Cooling Fan PS13/RPS13/S14/S15 SR20DE/T


The 10-bladed cooling fan, designed from the ECR33 RB25DET clutch fan, achieves an overwhelming cooling effect

10-blade / offset-mount / bolt-on / reinforced polypropylene

During regular street driving, the stock SR20 clutch fan is fine, but while performing circuit driving, depending on the specifications of the engine and the season, the water temperature may not be able to be reduced simply by replacing it with a large-capacity radiator, especially in the summer when the temperature is high, even if you drive a little, the water temperature will rise immediately. Power drop due to heat sagging, but in the worst case, it is not uncommon for the engine to overheat and possibly suffer catastrophic failure.

MEGATECH cooling fans do not put an extra load on the vehicle and have a high cooling effect by bolt-on installation.


GP Sports MEGATECH Cooling Fan PS13/RPS13/S14/S15 SR20DE/T

Price: $200 USD

ETA: 3 weeks from time of payment; Japan direct to your door

Shipping: $50 USD Flat Rate Insured